Now that’s some great tennis!

Stacey Harris and Tori Smith — 4.0 adult winners.

HWTA Spring Tournament 27-29 APR 2012 filled the HTC courts with exciting matches throughout the weekend tournament play.  With 100 players and brackets ranging from 2.5 to 4.0 this year’s tournament was another big success. Despite a rain delay prior to opening match times, tournament play was in full swing with plenty of sunshine. Thank you to all the players for supporting the tournament and helping our community.This year’s HWTA tournament leader, Marsha Gates, has excelled in making sure the Spring Tournament planning/scheduling events were all timely covered.Special thanks to other Team Supporters: Mary Ann DeMaioribus (T-shirt Design), Kathy Brandon (photos), Sally Walker (Food Organizer),  Irene Wisner, and Kim McCandless (Tournament Directors).Tournament table support: Susan Jambor, Michele Kalin, Renata Limmer, Arlene Taylor, Connie Keltner and Karen Mitchell.More tournament photos posted on the tournament media page.

RESULTS :    HWTA Spring Tournament 27-29 April 2012

Women’s  Singles
2.5 Singles (round robin)
1st place:  Brenda Armstrong
2nd place: Diana Davidson

3.0 Singles
1st place:  Miran Rocha
2nd place: Leslie Moorer
Consolation: Amy Jones

3.5 Singles (round Robin)
1st place Valerie Shull
2nd place Kristin Wiese

4.0 Singles
1st  place :  Aparna Singh
2nd place:  Stacey Harris
Consolation: Pam Deerman

2.5 Doubles (round robin)
1st place:  Barbara Bruce/ Brenda Dawkins
2nd  place:  Amy Davidson/ Diana Davidson

3.0 Doubles
1st place:  Laurie B rown / Lisa Johnson
2nd place: Bev Crabtree / Pam Anderson
Consolation: Glenda Neill / Pamela Plant

3.5 Doubles
1st place: Kathy Drysdale / Jody Bowhay
2nd place: Valerie Shull / Nette Smith
Consolation: Mary-Jane Khodanian / Maggie Brown

4.0 Doubles
1st place: Stacey Harris / Tori Smith
2nd place:Regina Light / Cheryl Brown
Consolation: Tracy Bond / Rhonda Wagner

3.5 Senior Doubles
1st place: Kimberly Merchant/ Kimberly White
2nd place: Kim McCandless / Vivian Pannell
Consolation: Linda Baumbach / Sue Chatham

4.0 Senior Doubles
1st place:  Linda Lindberg / Rhonda Wagner
2nd place: Jane Bise / Irene Wisner
Consolation: Cindy Reaves / Kwang Walfield