Calling all HWTA Cooks!

cooking-clipart24-cooking-clip-art-best-clip-art-blog-sgmz7fx8We all have to cook and we all enjoy sharing recipes; so we have decided to publish an HWTA cookbook. The cookbook committee would like to ask the membership for the following:
1.     Submit five recipes under the following categories:
a.     Appetizers
b.     Salads/Vegetables
c.     Casseroles (breakfast, brunch, lunch etc.)
d.     Desserts
e.     This & That (Beverages, sauces, soups, breads, anything not in the above list)
If more than one member submits a recipe, all who submit will be listed next to that recipe.  If you are not sure about submitting a recipe, please submit, and we will try to find a category to place the recipe.
Indicate on the recipe if it can be made in 15 minutes or can be made ahead and frozen.
2.  We need a group of ladies who will consider testing the recipes and tasting results.  Only Karen will know where the recipe came from and the taste results.
3. The Deadline for recipe submission will be January 31, 2014.
4. All recipes must have exact measurements, ingredients and if brand names are used please include.
5. Recipes may be submitted with a personal note, funny story etc. about the particular recipe.  We will include as many of the stories as we can.
6. Please send recipes electronically to Karen Morris and if mailing to
Karen Mitchell
1407 Chandler Road
Huntsville, AL  35801
We will also have a place at HTC for recipe collections.
  We are going to use Fundcraft Publishing for our books and will be in a hard cover 3 ring binder format.  The cookbooks will have colored pictures and a history of HWTA.  We are striving to make this a memorable cookbook that all will enjoy reading and utilizing.  The funds from this book will go to the Tennis Center Expansion, so we are setting the cost at: $20 if ordered before April 1, 2014 and $25 after April1, 2014. We will be pre-selling the cookbooks at the Holiday Luncheon and any HWTA event to off set the printing cost.  Please consider submitting recipes and buy several books to give as gifts.  Right now the order number is 500 but we can always do more if the pre-sells go well.
Be an Angel and pre-order your HWTA Cookbook today.  The price goes up to $25.00 April 1, 2014.
 Name          _________________________________________
 Address       _________________________________________
 Phone         _________________________________________
Number of copies _________ @  $20.00  =    _______________
You may also mail your order form to:  Martha Hamilton
                                                              106 Old Vinings Way
                                                              Madison, AL  35756

Karen Morris