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Tani letter 5

Marsha Gates held the HWTA spring social at her home, and I was delighted to be able to attend. This was actually my first ever HWTA social event. My friend and tennis partner, Joy Brindley, invited me to go with her. She was able to take the day off, and invited me to do the same for a change. Working on a daily basis can be difficult to find time and coverage to attend functions during the daytime. But somehow, I managed to sneak out and come for a visit. I was amazed at the number of ladies that attended. It seemed as if I knew everyone there. I see most of these ladies on a daily basis. Whether it is coming out for leagues, round robins, lessons or playing cards, I saw a lot of familiar faces that day.

I also realized how many of the ladies I actually grew up with, that knew me or my parents from playing tennis. My mother and father were avid tennis players, so I grew up playing with their children, and traveling to many tennis tournaments with their families.
Marsha’s home was fabulous! Marsha took us on a tour of her home, and I could not help but admire all the handy work that she and her husband had put into making it such a great place to come home too. Her patio where the atmosphere was so inviting was the focal point of the social. The appetizers with the cookbook recipes was another great idea. Of course the taste testing was the best part.

I really enjoyed the time with the ladies that day. Even though I see most of them during the day, while I’m working, it is usually a quick “hello, how are you doing” before rushing out for a match or a lesson. And Marsha’s home and hospitality made the day very special to me. She certainly was the “hostess with the mostest.”

Contributed by Tani Deaton
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