November Newsletter

When fall time comes and the autumn chores have to be done I bet you get them done quickly so you can enjoy more time on the tennis courts with the HWTA ladies. It’s true you ladies play tennis, volunteer, donate and are the Champions of HWTA!
Exciting events like the 14th Annual Roselyn Donnelly Memorial Tournament just happened recently at HTC and the annual Holiday Luncheon is getting in gear for Dec 8th. Who will be the 2015 winners for “Sportsmanship” and “Most Improved Player”? This newsletter has the latest tournament results and information on how to make sure you’re on the list to attend the Holiday HWTA bash at the Westin.
Don’t you just love the movie Miracle on 34thStreet? HWTA’s Hope Place House has a special “Christmas Gift List” and with your support and donations we collectively can be responsible for the smiles and joy the recipients will have this Christmas. Can you vision what HWTA’ s “Hope Place House at Westin Hotel” will look like if you start shopping for sales now and give generously to our last big collection for 2015. It won’t be a miracle, it will be the giving hearts from the true Champions of HWTA!
Can you even guess how much time Cindy Gattis, Kaye Preston, Beth Benefield, Jo Ann Brown, Melinda Anderson, and Sue Gibson contributed before and during the tournament? Anyone know how many different blankets Babs Bruce used watching friends play tournament matches? Do you know how many guys and tennis ladies came by to drop off items for the Hope Place House, purchased Raffle Tickets or shopped at the clothing drive? How many ladies you think worked a shift at the clothing sale? I heard many players express a thank-you for putting on the tournament and we all know that small, but very meaningful word “Thank you” means something to those who go out of their way for events like this. So when you see these folks at the tennis center tell them one more time Thanks!
 Don’t forget your most important investment you have is your HWTA Membership. All current memberships expire 30 Dec 2015, so send in that 2016 renewal now to keep current.
Remember Dec 8th at the Westin Hotel for the HWTA Holiday Luncheon. Will you help us fill the room to capacity with all the Champions of HWTA?
Kim McCandless
HWTA, President

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