February Newsletter

President’s Message

Do you ever wonder where our HWTA ladies would place if they were on the America’s got Talent show? Wow, it’s just amazing how the 2015 HWTA Holiday Luncheon continues to impress us each year with the talented skits.  This event was definitely the highlight of the year, and HWTA chair lead Cindy Gattis and her talented acting crew made this day extra special for all of us. I personally would like to say thank you to all the HWTA ladies (300+ members), without you we would not exist; thanks to the board and chair leads who often go above and beyond, thanks to all who have volunteered in one way or another. Being an HWTA member is just one way you’re guaranteed to Light Up Your Tennis Life

Want an HWTA experience meeting new and old tennis friends? Attend the HWTA Membership Social on March 9th at the home of Kay Brown. If you never attended one then come see for yourself why the HWTA ladies were in awe after attending these events each year. Think of it as your day to escape for a few hours, invite a friend to come with you, have a fun time and sample all of the amazing finger foods.

What a perfect theme HWTA has this year: “My Sister’s Keeper.” The board and chair leads must have had Energizer batteries in those flashlights they received at the 2015 Holiday Luncheon because at the first board meeting they started the ground work to make this a fun and inspiring year for you. They are already engaged to light up HWTA for 2016, but to make this happen they will need your support, so say “yes” if asked to volunteer and definitely try to attend the HWTA events and tournaments. If we all do this then we can all proudly stand later on and say, “HWTA’s 49th year was one amazing year and I made a difference!”

I bet you have seen many travel ads this past month with deals that try to tempt you to hurry and book a trip now. Well, HWTA has the best deal coming up soon; it’s leap year and HWTA wants you to attend our first “Leap into Tennis” meeting and tennis deal! “Leap into Tennis” on February 28th is our first general membership meeting (a short one) with round robin tennis immediately following and is on a  Sunday afternoon so all the HWTA Ladies can attend. Can we count on you to come out on this Sunday afternoon?

What is the most important information you should know about HWTA? This is your association and your suggestions and support in helping to make a greater difference in our association and tennis community are vital. This year marks the 49th year for HWTA. HWTA has contributed a grand total of $14,000.00 to the HTC expansion (raised from fundraisers, tournaments/clothing sales) during 2013-2015. HWTA now has a “Hall of Fame” established in 2015 with Helga Hollander, Irene Wisner, Mary Ann DeMaioribus, Karen Mitchell, and Sue Chatham being the first inductees. For 2016 the Fall Tournament Charity will be RiahRose Home for Children, Inc. and Hope Place will continue as our Holiday Luncheon Charity. For 2016, the HWTA theme will be “My Sister’s Keeper.” I look forward to seeing everyone on the tennis courts soon.

Kim McCandless, President, HWTA

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Membership Social 2016

Do You Know What Is Coming Up Soon? 

The HWTA Membership Social on March 9, 2016

How do you think “My Sister’s Keeper” Relates To You?

You’re coming to this event – right!

You’re going to get your tennis friends to come also – right!

You’re bringing your special tennis sister – right!

This event is held from 11am to 1 pm (come when you can). There will be plenty of sweet and savory items available for you to enjoy while you walk around chatting with all your tennis friends (sisters).   You might find out that you don’t even recognize some of your tennis friends with regular clothes on!

Come out and find out how “My Sister’s Keeper” relates to you!

Click below on the link to flyer for all the details and directions.

Hope you all will attend on March 9th.

Let’s set a new high record count this year for attendance.

You can make this happen!

2016 Membership Social at Kay Brown’s House