HWTA November News

Check out the newsletter:

*Attend HWTA’s biggest event, the Annual Holiday luncheon, for wonderful food and fellowship.  This will be a culmination of HWTA’s 50th Anniversary celebration and Kim McCandless’ special reign as HWTA President.  The reservation form is part of this newsletter but see the separate blog with a link to the form.

*Awards Time: Vote for Sportsmanship and Most Improved by November 5th. Nominees are listed, with voting instructions.

*Current President Kim will turn over reigns soon to future President Christy Russell and who else. . . ? Read the newsletter for more details.

*Meals on Wheels benefitted from the Fall Tournament.  See how we outdid ourselves.

*Meet tennis player Francesca Lee.

*Do you have Bragging Rights? If you won at state, sectionals or nationals, please give us team information and pictures to post on the website.

*See the results from the Fall Tournament—results and pictures. There is also a list of donations made, so read who helped make the Tournament Raffle so successful and thank them when you see them.