Award Winning HWTA!!!

HWTA Ladies,

The Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017 Huntsville Times, SPORTS WORLD page had a big article about the Australian Open and What We Learned. The article went on to write about Federer and Serena.

Well HWTA also has exciting news to be announced!  The Huntsville Women’s Tennis Association has been chosen by the USTA Alabama Awards Committee to receive the “2017 Community Organization of the Year”.   The letter notifying us stated – Congratulations on this prestigious award.

Ladies, this award is presented to a member organization to recognize outstanding service to the local community, to the organizational members, and to the game of tennis.  The presentation of this award will be held Saturday – Feb 18, 2017 in Birmingham and attendance is limited to 5 from our organization.

HWTA’s success over the years is because of all the HWTA Champions – without you this award would not have been possible. It’s amazing how back in 1967 this association started with 15 members and is now celebrating 50 years and membership is greater than 300.   HWTA has built its reputation as a caring association which promotes tennis for everyone.

HWTA is all about its members and doing what we can to offer fun events and opportunities for all the Tennis Sisters to get involved. When HWTA steps up to host events, we go all out and produce high quality events!

Kim McCandless
HWTA, President


Membership Social 2016

Do You Know What Is Coming Up Soon? 

The HWTA Membership Social on March 9, 2016

How do you think “My Sister’s Keeper” Relates To You?

You’re coming to this event – right!

You’re going to get your tennis friends to come also – right!

You’re bringing your special tennis sister – right!

This event is held from 11am to 1 pm (come when you can). There will be plenty of sweet and savory items available for you to enjoy while you walk around chatting with all your tennis friends (sisters).   You might find out that you don’t even recognize some of your tennis friends with regular clothes on!

Come out and find out how “My Sister’s Keeper” relates to you!

Click below on the link to flyer for all the details and directions.

Hope you all will attend on March 9th.

Let’s set a new high record count this year for attendance.

You can make this happen!

2016 Membership Social at Kay Brown’s House