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*Attend HWTA’s biggest event, the Annual Holiday luncheon, for wonderful food and fellowship.  This will be a culmination of HWTA’s 50th Anniversary celebration and Kim McCandless’ special reign as HWTA President.  The reservation form is part of this newsletter but see the separate blog with a link to the form.

*Awards Time: Vote for Sportsmanship and Most Improved by November 5th. Nominees are listed, with voting instructions.

*Current President Kim will turn over reigns soon to future President Christy Russell and who else. . . ? Read the newsletter for more details.

*Meals on Wheels benefitted from the Fall Tournament.  See how we outdid ourselves.

*Meet tennis player Francesca Lee.

*Do you have Bragging Rights? If you won at state, sectionals or nationals, please give us team information and pictures to post on the website.

*See the results from the Fall Tournament—results and pictures. There is also a list of donations made, so read who helped make the Tournament Raffle so successful and thank them when you see them.



September 2017 Newsletter

HWTA September 2017 Newsletter

Find out about:  The General Membership Meeting;

2018 Officer nominees and search for a photographer;

Annual Award nomination request;

Fall Tournament-Charity Fund Raiser for Meals on Wheels (wish list, raffle donations, etc.);

Photos and details from 50th Anniversary Party at ACA;

More:  Banner fund raisers, annual tennis clothes sale, Wednesday league: Fall info plus summer pics, Want to Brag? request, and more!

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Award Winning HWTA!!!

HWTA Ladies,

The Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017 Huntsville Times, SPORTS WORLD page had a big article about the Australian Open and What We Learned. The article went on to write about Federer and Serena.

Well HWTA also has exciting news to be announced!  The Huntsville Women’s Tennis Association has been chosen by the USTA Alabama Awards Committee to receive the “2017 Community Organization of the Year”.   The letter notifying us stated – Congratulations on this prestigious award.

Ladies, this award is presented to a member organization to recognize outstanding service to the local community, to the organizational members, and to the game of tennis.  The presentation of this award will be held Saturday – Feb 18, 2017 in Birmingham and attendance is limited to 5 from our organization.

HWTA’s success over the years is because of all the HWTA Champions – without you this award would not have been possible. It’s amazing how back in 1967 this association started with 15 members and is now celebrating 50 years and membership is greater than 300.   HWTA has built its reputation as a caring association which promotes tennis for everyone.

HWTA is all about its members and doing what we can to offer fun events and opportunities for all the Tennis Sisters to get involved. When HWTA steps up to host events, we go all out and produce high quality events!

Kim McCandless
HWTA, President

November News



15th Annual Roselyn Donnelly Memorial Tournament–“Awesome!!”

Results and pics

Holiday Luncheon:  NEW location

Hope Place gift list

 Handbook photos taken

Gift Basket door prizes!!

50th Anniversary:

Memorialize this special event with a jacket or vest

A Drone and HWTA?:  Diana Davidson will shoot an aerial photo of members for a   50th Anniversary photo.  Fill out the participation commitment form and join Diana to have fun with the new technology!!

SISTERS feature:  check out Peggy Campbell


May 2016 Newsletter

President’s Message

The first part of 2016 has proven to be very exciting and in the following  month, HWTA will host another fun General Membership meeting and the Summer Social on June 25th. Who is ready for a Mimosa and Muffin with your tennis sisters? Come Join The Circle and mark your calendar with all of the HWTA events this summer and fall. It’s true that sisterhood is a very special relationship and that’s why we hope you always want to be an HWTA member.

The HWTA Spring Tournament was another memorable event. During the tournament the HWTA ladies stepped up big time with an abundance of donated items to support our selected charity, RiahRose Home for Children.  How about a big Cheer Ye for Melinda Anderson’s new court sponsorship idea and a big thanks to Pat Clowers and Brenda Armstrong for being the first to sign up for banners. And, yes, we need another Cheer Ye for Nelda Newell for the “Trinkets for Tennis” Premier Jewelry fund raiser effort. What is one of the favorite things for an HWTA member? That would be tournament photos, and we have them thanks to Bob Topp and Diana Davidson with their unstoppable camera clicking and uploading to web. Poses, expressions and smiles all equal memorable moments!

Want some really good news? Want to know what is going on inside HWTA that should make you shout? Check out your new “My Sister’s Keeper” 2015-2016 Handbook. The handbook continues to show that the HWTA community is stronger then ever. Did you find the quotes to be inspiring? We all know the internet is loaded with information about stretching routines, but do you know very much about stretching for flexibility in tennis? Look no further: this can be found inside your 2015-2016 handbook on page 20.

Your HWTA board and committee leads are committed to earning your HWTA membership satisfaction by giving you many opportunities to participate in HWTA events throughout the year. If getting to know the other HWTA ladies, having fun playing tennis and helping to promote tennis at all levels are what you are seeking in your HWTA membership, then be sure to mark your calendars to attend the general membership meeting to be held June 25th and September 13th.  And don’t forget the Christmas Luncheon December 6th. We really hope you aren’t content to just be a member and that you will Come Join the Circle often.

Kim McCandless

President, HWTA

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May 2016 HWTA Newsletter

March Newsletter

Time flies when you’re having fun with HWTA. Along with that fun HWTA friendships just continue to grow. Did you know that we had several frogs leaping around at the first General Membership meeting in February and about 60 princesses at the March Membership Social? So what will April bring during the HWTA Spring Tournament?

Leap year added one more day for HWTA and tennis – what could be better? “Leap into Tennis“ kicked off 2016 for HWTA with our first HWTA General Membership meeting/round robin event. Did you know that frogs are really good at singing “If You’re Happy and You Know It”? We also found out that the HWTA frogs are pretty good at jumping when some members joined in a frog hop competition. Did anyone find out what kind of shoes Carol Wright was wearing? She was the first frog to make it to the HWTA frog pond! Not too far behind her were Della Evans, Irene Wisner, and Lisa Strickland. In the serious part of the meeting we approved the 2016 budget, discussed selling banner space on the HTC courts for the duration of the Spring and Fall HWTA Tournaments, and decided to look into possibly hosting a “Rally for the Cause” for some TBD charity. The round robin event ended that day with Sandra Wiles as the “Big Frog” of the day, but all the frogs that played had big smiles all afternoon. Just ask Cindy Reaves if you’re in doubt about what fun this group had!

We all have read fairy tales, but this year at the Membership Social it was like a dream come true. Everyone parked on the street and then began the journey up the steep flight of stairs leading up to the front entry and only had one thing on their mind. Get to the top and hope the wind didn’t slow you down!  Everyone made it and most even arrived with a big smile – after all we are tennis players! Yes, Queen Kay, our charming, gracious hostess, was right there to welcome you to her home. At that moment it seemed like you instantly became a princess and you had entered the castle of your dreams. To the right was the library and to the left was the grand dining room, dressed for the HWTA occasion and filled with magical delights in abundance to satisfy your sweet and salty desires. So where does Karen Morris keep her magic wand? What delicious food! What music! What a wonderful hostess – Kay Brown! But that is not all. What a splendid day for all the HWTA enthusiasts who came and will forever remember a day when they became a princess for a few hours at the 2016 HWTA Membership Social.

Things always come in three – right? The next HWTA event is the Spring Tournament and is open to all HWTA ladies at all levels. Mark your calendar, grab a partner and submit your entry now! Also, your copy of the 2016 HWTA handbook will be available for pick up during the tournament.  If you read all of the above then you would agree that being an HWTA member is one way to bring out your smiles. This is your association and your board members are doing their best to get everyone involved in HWTA activities. The rest is up to you!

Kim McCandless, President, HWTA

2016 March HWTA Newsletter


February Newsletter

President’s Message

Do you ever wonder where our HWTA ladies would place if they were on the America’s got Talent show? Wow, it’s just amazing how the 2015 HWTA Holiday Luncheon continues to impress us each year with the talented skits.  This event was definitely the highlight of the year, and HWTA chair lead Cindy Gattis and her talented acting crew made this day extra special for all of us. I personally would like to say thank you to all the HWTA ladies (300+ members), without you we would not exist; thanks to the board and chair leads who often go above and beyond, thanks to all who have volunteered in one way or another. Being an HWTA member is just one way you’re guaranteed to Light Up Your Tennis Life

Want an HWTA experience meeting new and old tennis friends? Attend the HWTA Membership Social on March 9th at the home of Kay Brown. If you never attended one then come see for yourself why the HWTA ladies were in awe after attending these events each year. Think of it as your day to escape for a few hours, invite a friend to come with you, have a fun time and sample all of the amazing finger foods.

What a perfect theme HWTA has this year: “My Sister’s Keeper.” The board and chair leads must have had Energizer batteries in those flashlights they received at the 2015 Holiday Luncheon because at the first board meeting they started the ground work to make this a fun and inspiring year for you. They are already engaged to light up HWTA for 2016, but to make this happen they will need your support, so say “yes” if asked to volunteer and definitely try to attend the HWTA events and tournaments. If we all do this then we can all proudly stand later on and say, “HWTA’s 49th year was one amazing year and I made a difference!”

I bet you have seen many travel ads this past month with deals that try to tempt you to hurry and book a trip now. Well, HWTA has the best deal coming up soon; it’s leap year and HWTA wants you to attend our first “Leap into Tennis” meeting and tennis deal! “Leap into Tennis” on February 28th is our first general membership meeting (a short one) with round robin tennis immediately following and is on a  Sunday afternoon so all the HWTA Ladies can attend. Can we count on you to come out on this Sunday afternoon?

What is the most important information you should know about HWTA? This is your association and your suggestions and support in helping to make a greater difference in our association and tennis community are vital. This year marks the 49th year for HWTA. HWTA has contributed a grand total of $14,000.00 to the HTC expansion (raised from fundraisers, tournaments/clothing sales) during 2013-2015. HWTA now has a “Hall of Fame” established in 2015 with Helga Hollander, Irene Wisner, Mary Ann DeMaioribus, Karen Mitchell, and Sue Chatham being the first inductees. For 2016 the Fall Tournament Charity will be RiahRose Home for Children, Inc. and Hope Place will continue as our Holiday Luncheon Charity. For 2016, the HWTA theme will be “My Sister’s Keeper.” I look forward to seeing everyone on the tennis courts soon.

Kim McCandless, President, HWTA

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