First Match Times


HWTA Members – Attached you will find your First Match times. Check in is at least 15 minutes before your first match time. If you owe tournament fees you can pay when you check in.

There’s a lot going on during this tournament & you won’t want to miss any of it. Activities include:

*             Our Annual Clothing Sale! Come shop for some great bargains under the pavilion. Tops and skirts are $5 each, dresses are $8, as well as accessories and tennis bags at various prices

*             Raffle! We have lots of great items that have been generously donated to HWTA for the Fall Tournament. Prizes include Wine Baskets, Wine Tasting for 8 and Jewelry just to name a few. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. We will have your Junior HWTA members helping us with the raffle, and you won’t want to miss these cuties!

*             Donations – We want to fill up the wagon with donations for RiahRose, our Charity for 2016, so don’t forget to contribute!

We also need food/drinks donated during the tournament. Any contributions will be gladly accepted. If you have any questions call Sue Gibson at 205-837-9333 or email her at

See you on the courts!

Sue Gibson

HWTA Tournament Director


May 2016 Newsletter

President’s Message

The first part of 2016 has proven to be very exciting and in the following  month, HWTA will host another fun General Membership meeting and the Summer Social on June 25th. Who is ready for a Mimosa and Muffin with your tennis sisters? Come Join The Circle and mark your calendar with all of the HWTA events this summer and fall. It’s true that sisterhood is a very special relationship and that’s why we hope you always want to be an HWTA member.

The HWTA Spring Tournament was another memorable event. During the tournament the HWTA ladies stepped up big time with an abundance of donated items to support our selected charity, RiahRose Home for Children.  How about a big Cheer Ye for Melinda Anderson’s new court sponsorship idea and a big thanks to Pat Clowers and Brenda Armstrong for being the first to sign up for banners. And, yes, we need another Cheer Ye for Nelda Newell for the “Trinkets for Tennis” Premier Jewelry fund raiser effort. What is one of the favorite things for an HWTA member? That would be tournament photos, and we have them thanks to Bob Topp and Diana Davidson with their unstoppable camera clicking and uploading to web. Poses, expressions and smiles all equal memorable moments!

Want some really good news? Want to know what is going on inside HWTA that should make you shout? Check out your new “My Sister’s Keeper” 2015-2016 Handbook. The handbook continues to show that the HWTA community is stronger then ever. Did you find the quotes to be inspiring? We all know the internet is loaded with information about stretching routines, but do you know very much about stretching for flexibility in tennis? Look no further: this can be found inside your 2015-2016 handbook on page 20.

Your HWTA board and committee leads are committed to earning your HWTA membership satisfaction by giving you many opportunities to participate in HWTA events throughout the year. If getting to know the other HWTA ladies, having fun playing tennis and helping to promote tennis at all levels are what you are seeking in your HWTA membership, then be sure to mark your calendars to attend the general membership meeting to be held June 25th and September 13th.  And don’t forget the Christmas Luncheon December 6th. We really hope you aren’t content to just be a member and that you will Come Join the Circle often.

Kim McCandless

President, HWTA

Catch up on all of the latest happenings of the HWTA.

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May 2016 HWTA Newsletter

Smart is the new Safe Way

Date: January 6, 2016
Subject: HWTA – Smart is the new Safe Way

HWTA Ladies,
Keep your mind on being safe with your wallet or purse and you won’t become another parking lot victim.
This week another car break-in theft has occurred on the HTC parking lot.
Your best bet is to take your purse or wallet with you while you play tennis.
Change your habits in 2016 and don’t let the car thieves get away with your valuable purse.
Want to stop these car thieves – do your part – make sure you have nothing for them to take!!!

Kim McCandless
HWTA, President

Holiday Luncheon, Hope Place and 2016 Membership

HWTA Ladies,
   Everyone knows Thanksgiving day is just 2 weeks away, but did you also remember that 3 HWTA actions are coming up also.
1.  HWTA Holiday Luncheon, Dec 8th.  Send in your reservation and renew your HWTA membership at the same time!  Do this today.  (see form below).  If you can’t attend luncheon – still send in you 2016 membership dues.
2. Christmas gift list for Hope Place.  Who doesn’t love to shop?  Sales are everywhere, so take advantage and pick something up to donate.
(See list below)
3. Will your team be donating a gift for the Holiday Luncheon?  No rules to follow, can be simple, or extremely creative.  Whichever is your choice!  Please mark the Holiday Luncheon form where indicated.
Maybe you didn’t get a chance to volunteer to help this year or maybe you were at many of the HWTA activities throughout the year.  Just remember you are truly appreciated.
If you’re passionate about giving back to HWTA then see if you can do the 3 things above and close out 2015 proudly giving of yourself.
Kim McCandless
HWTA, President
Christmas Gift List for HOPE Place 2015
 Walmart Gift cards
Women’s Sweat Suits, light weight preferable (S, M, L, XL, XXL)
Women’s underwear and warm socks (all sizes)
Children’s pajamas (S, M, L)
Children’s Sweat Suits (S,M,L)
Hand Lotion gift sets
Fast Food Gift Cards ($5-$10)
Children’s socks and underwear
Hair bands, bows, barrettes, brushes, combs
Nail clippers, files, etc.
Hats, gloves – for adult and child
Please do not wrap items. Gift bags are recommended
2016 Holiday Luncheon form

November Newsletter

When fall time comes and the autumn chores have to be done I bet you get them done quickly so you can enjoy more time on the tennis courts with the HWTA ladies. It’s true you ladies play tennis, volunteer, donate and are the Champions of HWTA!
Exciting events like the 14th Annual Roselyn Donnelly Memorial Tournament just happened recently at HTC and the annual Holiday Luncheon is getting in gear for Dec 8th. Who will be the 2015 winners for “Sportsmanship” and “Most Improved Player”? This newsletter has the latest tournament results and information on how to make sure you’re on the list to attend the Holiday HWTA bash at the Westin.
Don’t you just love the movie Miracle on 34thStreet? HWTA’s Hope Place House has a special “Christmas Gift List” and with your support and donations we collectively can be responsible for the smiles and joy the recipients will have this Christmas. Can you vision what HWTA’ s “Hope Place House at Westin Hotel” will look like if you start shopping for sales now and give generously to our last big collection for 2015. It won’t be a miracle, it will be the giving hearts from the true Champions of HWTA!
Can you even guess how much time Cindy Gattis, Kaye Preston, Beth Benefield, Jo Ann Brown, Melinda Anderson, and Sue Gibson contributed before and during the tournament? Anyone know how many different blankets Babs Bruce used watching friends play tournament matches? Do you know how many guys and tennis ladies came by to drop off items for the Hope Place House, purchased Raffle Tickets or shopped at the clothing drive? How many ladies you think worked a shift at the clothing sale? I heard many players express a thank-you for putting on the tournament and we all know that small, but very meaningful word “Thank you” means something to those who go out of their way for events like this. So when you see these folks at the tennis center tell them one more time Thanks!
 Don’t forget your most important investment you have is your HWTA Membership. All current memberships expire 30 Dec 2015, so send in that 2016 renewal now to keep current.
Remember Dec 8th at the Westin Hotel for the HWTA Holiday Luncheon. Will you help us fill the room to capacity with all the Champions of HWTA?
Kim McCandless
HWTA, President

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November 2015 Newsletter Final

First Tournament Times

Hi Everyone,

Use the link below for your first match times. Please make certain your partner(s) is aware of your first match time(s) also. Remember that any fees that have not been paid will be due at check-in.
Cindy Gattis is in need of volunteers to help with the clothing sale. We also need clothing racks for use during the tournament. If you can help with the clothing sale or have clothing racks we can use, please contact her at, or her cell phone at 256-714-6167 and let her know. Any amount of help will be greatly appreciated!
Remember to bring your donations for Hope Place. I’ve attached their list of needs, we would like to fill the little Hope House up!
Also Sue Gibson needs food, snacks, and drinks for the tournament. If you would like to donate, please contact her and let her know what you’re bringing and when, either by email at, or cell at 205-837-9333.

September Newsletter

Wow, this new newsletter really exemplifies the spirit ofHWTA ladies whether they are on the courts, volunteering, attending an event or making plans for the next HWTAevent/activities. So many HWTA activities have been going on these past few months and you can catch up to date now. I bet you will be amazed at how many faces you will see in the photos and numerous people mentioned in the various articles.
Tennis is a life time sport and most of us are happy to play in our local leagues, HWTA tournaments and HWTASummer Social, but after you read the article about the Southern Senior Cup I bet you’re going to want to add that to your bucket list!
Mimosa and Muffins, under the pavilion, with all yourHWTA friends – What could possibly be better on a Saturday morning? Be sure to check out all the smiling faces in the group photo where the HWTA ladies presented $3,200.00 to Joc Simmons for the HTC expansion.
Who’s ready for the HWTA Fall Tennis Tournament? Start making plans now to enter.
Going to be a fun weekend and yes, the 2nd annual used tennis clothing sales is coming back. Tennis and Shopping – the best of both worlds.
The above is just some of the highlights, so don’t delay, read the newsletter now and  check out who’s on the 2016HWTA officers nominees list. Get ready to submit your nominees for Best Sportsmanship and Most Improved. Save the date for the Christmas Luncheon (opportunity for you to volunteer to help with this event).
This last paragraph is really important and is happening onSep 14th, 11:00am upstairs at HTC. Time for our HWTAGeneral Membership meeting and we’re asking for 1 hour of your valuable time on this day.
When the theme of “Women Helping Women” was set for 2015 the HWTA board knew it perfectly described theHWTA ladies. Now, we need you to help us show our guest speaker from Hope Place just how much we care! (see article in newsletter)
After her presentation just think how wonderful you will feel if you walk away thinking “ I hope I’m an example for women that encourages, gives hope, and helps others”
Please send me a email or text me to let me know if you will be joining us on Sep 14th.
Were having a light lunch (so I need a head count) also we will have a special drawing.
Everyone is welcome to attend, so if you want to bring a tennis friend, or a neighbor, or a co-worker please do invite them. Just let me know.
Text or Call: 256-651-2328
Please Reply today – (we need head count to plan for the lunch).
Kim McCandless
HWTA, President
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HWTA ladies,
   Hope you will enter this HATA tennis tournament.  Tournament offers Mixed Doubles and / or Ladies Combo,  also Men’s Combo – so please pass on to your guy tennis friends.
Ladies and Guys
      HATA Tennis Tournamentis coming – AUG 19-23 at HTC.   Below highlights what you will find on the tournament entry form (see attachment).
       Get your entry in now or soon.  Don’t delay – this is a fun tournament to play in.
       Entry forms can be dropped off in box at HTC or mail.
Kim McCandless
HATA Tournament Director
Aug 19 – Aug 23, 2015
Mens Adult Combo –  6.5, 7.5, 8.5
Ladies Adult Combo – 2.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5
Mixed Doubles – Adult –  6.0, 7.0, 8.0, Open
Mixed Doubles – Seniors 55+   6.0, 7.0, 8.0
Where: Huntsville Tennis Center
Match Times:
Wed. Thurs. & Fri. begin at 5:30 pm; Sat. 8:00 am – 8:00 pm; Sunday (23 AUG ) is Rain out date if needed.
Player Gifts
First Match Consolation
Two Match Minimum
Entry deadline:
Saturday, Aug 8, 2015
Entry Fee Payable to: HATA
$50 per doubles team
For More Information
Mixed Doubles
       Adult           Seniors (55+)
     ___8.0                   ___8.0
     ___7.0                  ___7.0
     ___6.0                  ___6.0
    ___6.5                          ___6.5
Complete entry form: