Mary Jane Rosenthal Memorial Award for Sportsmanship

Mary Jane Rosenthal Memorial Award for Sportsmanship

This award was started in 1971 as a memorial to Mary Jane Rosenthal, an HWTA member who died of cancer the previous year. Mary Jane was an active member until the time of her illness. She was 27 years old at the time of her death and the mother of two young daughters. The HWTA board wanted to take a positive step toward promoting good sportsmanship on the courts and knew an annual Sportsmanship award was an appropriate way to remember Mary Jane. Past recipients include:

1971 Yvonna Aria
1972 Moruja Ordway
1973 Betty Choate
1974 Dottie Robinson
1975 Cay Moffett
1976 Coral McRae
1977 Audrey Hollingsworth
1978 Nancy Liston
1979 Anne Whitfield
1980 Gayla Dean
1981 Frances Wilson
1982 Patty Lynn
1983 Joyce Pryor
1984 Polly Falkenburg
1985 Rae Starnes
1986 Wendy Ryan
1987 May Stonecypher
1988 Mary Jean Warden
1989 Mary Reynolds
1990 Della Evans
1991 Martha Thrower
1992 Tina Robertson
1993 Renate Linke
1994 Helen Housch
1995 Mary Ann DeMaioribus
1996 Millie Cameron
1997 Melissa Jose
1998 Sue Chatham
1999 Linda Baumbach
2000 Kelly Josking
2001 Lakshmi Yerubandi
2002 Libet Kuehn
2003 Milly Harris
2004 Connie Keltner
2005 Joani Strickland
2006 Angie Cash
2007 Sue Rogers
2008 Barbara Daniel
2009 Dorothy Cannon
2010 Connie Keltner
2011 Sally Warden
2012 Trish Kee
2013 Deborah Long
2014 Cindy Younger
2015 Karen Mitchell
2016 Cindi Reaves
2017 Come to Christmas luncheon to find out!