Drop in Round Robins

Drop in Round Robins

HWTA reserves a couple courts at Huntsville Tennis Center for round robin play. The format is drop in – so no advance notice is required. Just show up & join whoever is there to play!  Check in/pay and get the court assignments in the HWTA office.

Play: There is a deck of cards on the table in the lobby to use to draw for court positions if necessary. Play for 30 minutes then rotate. The winners move up a court & the losers go down, and you swap partners. If there is only one court, you will simply swap partners. This is a great opportunity for practice. Come out to join your friends or make some new ones!


  1. Every Tuesday during the summer, beginning at 8:30.
  2. Wednesdays at 8:30 until the summer session of the Wednesday Day League begins in June.

Contact the Coordinator at HWTADayLeague@yahoo.com for inquiries on day-time play or sign-ups.