HWTA Wednesday Day League

HWTA Wednesday Day League

Open To:  All HWTA members, any level, who commit to play tennis on Wednesday mornings for eight weeks.  Don’t worry about your level of play because the weekly court movement by points will even play out.
Location:  Huntsville Tennis Center (HTC)
Day League Coordinator:  Ann Creager,  HWTADayLeague@yahoo.com for inquiries or sign-ups.
Register:  By email only to the coordinator.  No phone calls or in person registrations will be accepted.
Sessions:  Spring at 9; Summer at 8:30; and Fall at 9.  There could be a skipped Wednesday due to spring break or an event but each session is eight weeks.  The coordinator will send out the schedule with her league sign-up email.
Fee:   Players are responsible for court fees.  Sign in at the office, where payment is made, or sign in for HTC members.  There is a $7 fee for balls, payable to the coordinator at the beginning of the session.

1. Play on each court will consist of 3 sets of doubles, one set with each of the ladies on the court.  Comen Tie Break is used at 6-6.
2. Each player will record the number of games won in each set and turn in the sheet to the box labeled Wednesday League Score Sheets, left on a table.
3. For the next week, the player who won the most games on that court will move up one court; the player who won the fewest games will go down one court; and the other players will stay on the same court.  If there is a tie, players spin a racquet to see who moves (up or down).  For court one, only the player with the fewest games won will move, down to court two.
1. For a player who had a sub in a prior week, the sub must be rated the same or lower than the regular for the regular to move up a court on the next day of play.  If the sub is rated above the regular player, the regular will remain on the same court on the next day of play.
1. Show up on time. If a player is late two times, the player will be put on the sub list and will be replaced as a regular in the league. The player may enroll as a regular again when the new league session begins.
2. Get their own substitute. The coordinator must be notified when a sub will be used.  If a player fails to get a substitute (or fails to tell the coordinator who that sub is), after the second time, the player will be removed as a regular and put on the sub list. The player may enroll as a regular again when the new league session begins.  A sub list will be provided at the beginning of each session.