2016 Tournaments

2016 HWTA Spring Tournament Results

Women’s 2.5 Singles

1st place – Peggy Hays

2nd Place – Shannon Smith

Consolation Winner – Kim Ejide

Women’s 2.5 Doubles

1st Place – Ann Creager and Amy Jansen

2nd Place – Jadess Foxworth and Shannon Smith

Consolation Winners – Sharon Hurst and Becky Thompson


Women’s 3.0 Doubles

1st Place – Babs Bruce and Rachel Frost

2nd Place – Monique Haselden and Vanessa Rowe

Consolation Winners – Lauren Nevels and Fawn Smith


Women’s 3.5 Singles

1st Place – Brianna Parnell

2nd Place – Rachel Frost

Consolation Winner – Michelle Jones


Women’s 3.5 Doubles

1st Place – Susan Turner and Connie Powell

2nd Place – Amy Jones and Tammy Wingfield

Consolation Winners – Kristy Palmer and Christy Russell


Women’s 4.0 Doubles (round robin)

1st Place – Stephanie Steele and Sandra Wiles

2nd Place – K C Jones and Irene Wisner


Senior 3.0 Doubles (round robin)

1st Place – Pam Duke and Jan Nosky

2nd Place – Babs Bruce and Margie Lydon


Senior 3.5 Doubles

1st Place – Cathy Vanvalkenburgh and Brenda Formby

2nd Place – Susan Turner and Connie Powell

Consolation Winners – JoAnn Brown and B J Evans